Virus DNA/RNA Extraction Kit 

Virus DNA/RNA extraction kit provides a fast, simple, and cost-effective virus DNA/RNA miniprep method for virus DNA or RNA purification from plasma,serum and other cell-free materials.

Virus DNA/RNA extraction kit is based on silica membrane technology and unique buffer system. Virus DNA/RNA purified with the Kit is ready for use. No phenol/chloroform extraction. High-quality virus DNA/RNA is eluted in a small volume of RNase-free ddH2O. The purified DNA/RNA is ready for use in downstream applications such as PCR, RT-PCR, realtime PCR, nest PCR, etc.


Store at room temperature (15-25℃)


■ High quality virus DNA/RNA can be purified from samples of various virus including COVID-19, HBV, HPV, HCV and enteroviruses within one hour.

■ No phenol/chloroform extraction.

■ High yield, excellent repeatability and totally free from contaminants and inhibitors.


Virus genotyping research

Virus epidemiologic study

Virus infectious diseases analysis and drug resistance analysis

Required Reagents:

Ethanol (96% -100%)