Headquartered in the heart of Asia.

Operating far-reaching networks across highly strategic markets for bio and medical technologies.

Your gateway to the World's fastest-growing region.

With headquarters strategically located in Taipei and Paris, we operate a partner network spanning across
13 highly-strategic countries throughout the entire Asia-Pacific region, from North-East Asia all the way down to Oceania.

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Hong Kong






Why Asia?

Not only the largest and most populous continent on Earth, Asia also shows the fastest economic growth with tremendous technological boom.

China, Japan and Korea are ones of the largest markets for biotechnology products in the World, while most South-East Asian countries including Thailand, Indonesia or Vietnam (Tiger Cub Economies) are on the path of becoming undeniable marketplaces that Western companies should no longer forget to include in their international business expansion plans.

With China set to become the World's biggest economy by 2028 and an ever-growing interest for biotech solutions, current trends will only get stronger moving forward.

Major challenges.

Although business-friendly, Asian markets are not easy to penetrate for Western companies, mostly due to an important business cultural gap, strong language barriers and a misunderstanding of key success factors to fruitful partnerships.

Asian countries are very different from each other and must not be considered as a whole. Rather, penetration strategies and business expansion plans should be carefully thought out and based on markets' specifics.

Understanding every market's customs and best practices as well as knowing what to expect is key to successful business. Yet, this can prove a difficult task for foreign businesses with little experience and operating from outside Asia.