Operational business development solutions across Asia-Pacific.

We help innovative Biotech & Medtech companies break into some of the most challenging yet rewarding Asia-Pacific markets with highly-operational business development solutions, tailor-made services and a unique multi-market approach towards exponential sales growth. 

Delivering exponential growth.

Fast-track your business development across 13 strategic markets - simultaneously.

Multi-market expansion strategy.

Asian countries are very different from each other and should absolutely not be approached likewise. But understanding customs and best practices can prove a difficult task for foreign, outsider businesses. Ace Biotech lays out and executes your penetration and expansion plans, tailored to your very business.

Channels setup & management.

Connecting with the right people and establishing a powerful network of trustworthy and dedicated partners is absolutely critical. As a local Biotech-dedicated firm deeply anchored in the entire region,  Ace Biotech will give your business the best chance to succeed at building strong and profitable channels.

Local representation solutions.

There is a limit to what remote management and conference calls can do. Our team helps boost your sales by giving your business a solid local presence. Meetings, seminars, marketing actions, industry events, technical support and servicing... Ace Biotech facilitates all aspects of your business - locally.

Spanning across 13 strategic countries.

Benefit from a local expert's extensive networks and market reach, headquartered in the heart of Asia-Pacific.

Dedicated to biology and medical technologies.

Rely on a team of Biotech sales specialists and industry insiders at a local level.

Molecular biology.

Cell biology.



General lab products.

Pharma & Healthcare.

Corporate presentation.

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