They are breaking into Asia.

Ace Biotech has helped more than 27 Biotech companies develop into Asia-Pacific.

Genuine life-science expertise.

Our teams are specialized in 6 specific segments within the bioscience industry.

Molecular biology.

Imaging and detection, spectrophotometry, PCR, western blotting, electrophoresis, reagents, dyes, extraction kits, nucleic acids, antibodies

Cell biology.

Cell culture, 3D/4D bioprinting, microscopy, micro-plate readers, live cell imaging, cell types, stem cells, micro-fluidics, flow cytometry


Immunoassays, analyzers, ELISA kits and readers, micro-plate readers, Pre-natal diagnosis, densitometry, X-ray equipment, washers


Colony counting, microscopy, media and reagents, solution bottles, sterilization, cell culture and Petri dishes, sampling, autoclaves

General lab products.

Pipettes, liquid handling, centrifuges, refrigerators, cabinets, balances, incubators, washers, plates & dishes, consummable

Pharma & Healthcare.

Thin-layer chromatography, imaging, radiology,  general devices and equipment, supplies and consumable, labware, masks

They entrust us with their business expansion.

As of September 2021, we have helped 28+ companies with their business development.


RNA purification

Plate readers

Agarose tablets

qPCR detection

Proteins and Enzymes,  Molecular biology reagents