Local biotech sales specialists.

Asian-native industry insiders deeply rooted in the biotech ecosystem.

Serving your expansion. 

We help you break, develop and expand into some of the most strategic markets.

Ace Biotech is a multinational business-facilitator company dedicated to Biotech and Medtech SMEs looking for critical leverage and fast-track solutions to break into the fast-growing markets of Asia-Pacific.

We provide innovative companies with tailored expansion-strategy support and operational business development solutions - including strategic partner sourcing, business matching and effective distribution-network management spanning across 13 different countries.

We are committed to providing you with the best service to help you reach your goals. Whether you want to increase sales leads, access new distributors or suppliers and reduce costs, we will help you sort through the sundries, so you can focus on what you do best - innovating. 

44+ years' Life-Science industry experience.

The Life-Science industry has its own standards. So does every single Asian market.

That is why you want to rely on a partner you can trust, dedicated to the very industry that you evolve in.
Here is why our business-development solutions are so effective.

Biotech specialists.

Each member of our team has an average 10 years' business development experience in the Life-Science industry. 

Asian natives.

80% of us are native Chinese speakers
and everyone at Ace Biotech speaks English on a daily basis. 

Locally based.

Except for those in our Paris branch office, all of our teams are based and living 
in the heart of Asia-Pacific.